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This is a collection of 3 excellent Books on Crypto Currency written by
Mr. Emmanuel Onyedika; An Astute coach and Investor in Crypto Currency. This Book will guide you on fully understanding the Cryto-currency market and making a fortune from it.

  • News and Rumours in cryptocurrency trading and investment (secret to Milking the fat cow
  • Creating multiple streams of income in cryptocurrency. (Nuggets to Building a fortune in cryptocurrency).
  • What coins to buy, when to buy and sell them, (a guide to mastering your picks & making 50%-4000%).

This Book Collection will show you exactly how to build WEALTH with Crypto Currency

A copy will transform your finances, some key areas covered by each of the books are below.

Creating multiple streams of income in Cryptocurrency

(Nuggets to Building a fortune in Cryptocurrency) many people have been hearing the buzz about Cryptocurrency, many want to know how to create wealth with this. This book is designed to show you different ways one can create for himself multiple channels of income that is not scam, Ponzi, Hype, or referral, but rather creating genuine wealth through proper understanding of the Cryptocurrency space, opportunities available in it and how to take advantage of them.

What Coins to buy, when to buy and sell them

A guide to mastering your picks & making 50%-4000% profit) One of the biggest Question in the heart of every investor or trader is, Which coin should I invest in, how do I know if a coin is a promising coin, how can I maximize profit, when should I buy and when should I sell a coin, so in this book we were able to answer these questions in a very detailed way and many more.

News and Rumors in Cryptocurrency trading and investment

(Secrets to Milking the fat Cow). This book is designed to help you understand firstly how news and rumors affect the positive and negative movements of coins. News and rumors remains one of the surest ways of picking coins that can give you 10-100% profit In Cryptocurrency trading, this can give you 10-100% profit within a very short time margin, the problem manypeople face, is wrong positioningin getting the information early, interpreting it properly to determine their action(s),because a good interpretation of this can give profit, and a poor interpretation of it can give loss, so this book has been designed to show you how to position yourself ,to get every news or rumor that fly across the Cryptocurrency space on any coin and interpreting them properly to take profit from them or save your equity.

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About the Author!

Mr Emmanuel Onyedika is an Entrepreneur, a Digital currency consultant, a Blockchain enthusiast and a Psychologist, who has single handedly trained over three hundred people in the field of Crypto Currency and counting. His tangible results are overwhelming and evident, this is not to speak of people he has invested so much in that today they are now raising prolific crypto currency traders and investors. He is a sound trader/investor, a renowned researcher and a great influencer.

Co Founder OrangeteQ


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My name is Oluwakayode Fafiyebi, barely after 14 days after meeting with Mr. Emmanuel, with his guide and seasoned coaching I was able to make more than $8000 in Crypto Currency trading just in 14 days.
Oluwakayode Fafiyebi
I was taught on how to trade, research on a coin and run analysis on coin, how to spot coins for several investments by Mr Emmanuel. I conducted a research on a coin called Genesis vision GVT. I was able to use $74 to buy some units of the coin at $2 per coin. After few weeks, it grew to $428 by selling at $7.7 per coin. Thanks toMr Emmanuel Onyedika
Mr Ezeson Nigeria
I am a student of UNN, I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Emmanuel, I joined Crypto Currency in October 2017 and he has been my coach and my portfolio manager, its barely 25th December 2017 and with his help and guide, my crypto portfolio has grown to as high as $11200 and today I can comfortably afford to buy myself a laptop worth of $975 for more effective trades,I had thought I will not be able to make this happen till may next year to buy it
Mr Izunna Nigeria


The Real Deal no bluffing

Each of the book are very practical telling it as it is s well as giving you expert strategies to win with Crypto Currency

Expert Real Experiences

The Author clearly shares his over 6 years experience in the crypto currency market and guides you against loop holes.

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